Starting a farm, in these times are trying at best,

We want to help you realize your dream

We regularly come in contact with folks who have the deep desire to farm but have no means to purchase the land, livestock, and equipment to start up a farm. We work with people who own land, livestock, and equipment through our consultation services but do not have the intensive knowledge base and/or time to run a farm alone.

Here at Big Spring Farm, we want to help bring together trained farm managers and farm owners with 1 and 2-year apprenticeship programs.  During your time at Big Spring Farm, your training will go beyond the basics of farming; you’ll learn, through hands-on experience, the essence of regenerative agriculture.  You’ll learn how to fence, but you’ll also learn how to judge paddock size and time moves based on the grass and animal needs.

Daily work with cattle and sheep will acquaint you with all you need to learn to produce 100% grass-fed and finished beef, lamb, and goat.  Our work in the forest with pigs will be an asset whether you start your own farm or join forces with partners to establish silvopasture.  You’ll learn about the special needs of high production groups such as dairy cows and wool sheep and how to manage soil and pastures to produce the highest quality milk and wool. Integrating pastured chickens onto pastures with cattle, sheep, and goats can be tricky but the rewards are high if done right.

The benefit of Greg’s forty years of experience designing, planning, and repairing thousands of acres of land will be available to you if you are open to learning and willing to work.

The Apprenticeship

How we get you there

Farm Management

Putting a farm together and running it smoothly usually comes from making many costly mistakes and learning at the school of Hard Knox. With our apprenticeship program, you’ll walk onto a farm humming along but never at a standstill.  No two days alike, we work to reinstate a cycle of regeneration on the farm, working with nature to bring the healthiest products to market.  

Livestock Management

Livestock on the farm consists of 150 cattle, 100 hair sheep, 35 wool sheep, 100 chickens, 30 hogs, 19 goats, 12 dairy cows, 1200 broilers,  and a growing number of beehives. We are constantly researching, experimenting, and tweaking new and old livestock management systems to find the best options for top performance and top profits.  By utilizing molasses, apple cider vinegar, garlic, cinnamon, and oregano rather than conventional chemical options, you’ll learn, first hand, what works and why.


Marketing and business management must be part of a great apprenticeship program, and we’ve got you covered in this department.  Our products are direct marketed through farmer’s markets in Franklin, TN, and Bowling Green, KY . Understanding the different marketing concepts and pairing them with your goals will save tremendous amounts of time, effort, and money.

In order to apply for the Big Spring Farm apprenticeship, you’ll need a good strong work ethic, a positive attitude, a deep desire to learn, and an understanding of regenerative agriculture.  Our goal is to train you to be your own boss, to be a manager.  You will need to be a self-starter, curious, and passionate about life. 

We will require three references and a 1 year commitment to your training.  

We will provide housing, milk, meat, eggs, and produce from the garden plus a monthly stipend.  

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