Start where you are,

We start with

your goals in mind

You need a plan to move your farm, ranch, or land management project towards your vision.  We assess your current situation, and together, we will develop a plan to detail the course required to make your vision a reality. Developing plans with your goals in mind every step of the way saves you time, money, and energy to get the job done right.

The Process

How we get you there

Farm Visit

Plan to spend four hours touring your farm with Greg.  Inventory and analysis of vegetation, fence and water layout, analyzing productivity/fertility, pasture management, and seeding recommendations will be part of the process but it all starts with your goals.

Visit Big Spring Farm

Walk the pastures of Big Spring Farm with Greg, asking questions, discussing options, and understanding how planning with your goals in mind can open up hidden options and opportunities.

It’s a taste of the Annual Pasture Walk, but you’ve got Greg all to yourself.

Execute & Monitor

Although most situations will only require a farm visit and a trip report to put you on the road to your goals, there are many situations where a hybrid approach is needed for more unique situations.  Personal consultation is offered on an ongoing basis for on-the-ground support.


Focusing on livestock flow, pasture rotation, and the hub of the operation is crucial in ensuring ease of operation.  A complete analysis of facilities ensures proper placement. Paddock and corral size should coincide with your end goals.  Mistakes in this area are costly and frustrating.  Proper design and planning for the future keeps you moving forward toward your goals.

Pasture and Soil Health Management

Everything begins and ends with management and it’s all the steps in between such as seeding mixes, grazing height, timing and nutrient management that ensures successful stewardship.  Inventory of present plant communities  determines whether fertility, soils, or management are limiting factors.  Greg’s extensive knowledge of plant communities and the interactions between plant, nutrients, soil, and management can reveal hidden root issues. Understanding your soil samples will help you understand where you are now.

Full farm planning

Farms are built slowly over many years and few farmers have plans that include soil, water, plant, animal, buildings, fencing, gates, and a plan for the farm as an entity.  Understand the connectivity between all aspects of the farm is invaluable in reaching your aspired goals. Greg’s knowledge of whole farm planning will help you to avoid making costly mistakes by assisting you to determine the best order of investments in the farm.

Plant and Animal interaction

Pasture management, with a focus on livestock nutrition and performance and plant vigor will help you understand the connections between stocking rate, stocking density, animal health, and plant physiology. The health of pastures and livestock depends on understanding these interactions. Walking through your herd, Greg will help you to understand things like rumen fill, and there’s no substitute for getting another set of eyes on the manure in the pastures.


If conservation planning is part of your aspired goals, ensuring the viability of the farm for future generations begins with planning that takes into account all of the resources available for profitability and sustainability.  Connectivity of your desired and current resources through placement and corridors can enhance accessibility and utilizing of the land.

Livestock Management Services



Training pigs to electric fence in order to manage land conversion is no easy feat.  Understanding the unique issues with pigs can save time, money and so much frustration.



Finished Cattle

Greg’s grass-fed, grass-finished cattle are marketed through farmer’s markets in the TN and KY area.  Many farmers don’t understand the importance of proper finishing. Greg will help you to identify finishing characteristics.


Cow Calf

Greg maintains a cow/calf to finish operation on his own farm. Separating groups by weight and sex has benefits but there are limits to how many groups you can effectively manage.




The “flerd” is a specialty of Greg’s and he understands the neccesity of simple and practical management. Sheep have a higher nutritional requirement than cattle so learning how to combining groups is challenging yet rewarding.

Land Management Services



Hay land extracts nutrients but practices based on regenerative agricultural practices can ensure the health and vigor of both land and livestock.



Forests can be managed utilizing regenerative practices for this generation and generations to come for sustained income; managing for the best, culling the worst.



Silvopasture can be planned begining with pasture or forest.  Forest products can be improved with multiple revenue streams.



Crop rotation can regenerate land and improve soil health with proper planning.



Adaptive management techniques can and should be used to improve and sustain soil, microbe, plant, and animal health.



Water is the most important nutrient for livestock.  Proper planning and management of this sensitive resource can be managed for use and enhancement of your propery.

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