Start right!

Purchase livestock started the way you will finish them on your farm! When purchasing stock for your farm, align your livestock with your ideal goals.  If your goal is to raise 100% percent grass-fed products, starting with animals raised on grain will cause immediate costly and demoralizing issues.  Start right!

Livestock for Sale

Our bull from Rogers Cattle co has served us well and it’s time for him to move on to another farm. He is very gentle, flat topped, thick and deep bodied.  He is seven years old. $2500.00



This year, we will have approximately 20 head of cattle available for sale starting August 22, 2023. All cows will have been exposed to our Red Angus herd bull, 388F from Roger’s Cattle Co. and our Herford bull.  

Our wool sheep breeds are varied and we have both purebred and crossed breeds available.  Our goal is to have sheep that thrive on pasture without grain, are parasite resistant, lamb without assistance, and have the lambs that produce both a great carcass and soft and luxurious wool.  We have several ewes and a couple of ram lambs for sale at this time.  Please contact us for a list of available sheep.



All our Border Collie pups are working on farms, keeping the livestock in line.  We currently have a waiting list for our next batch of pups. 

Both the Sire and Dam are working dogs, and this pair has produced puppies with strong herding instincts.  The new batch of pups will be born on October 30/ 2023



For the first time in many years, Big Spring Farm has goats!

Our goats are healthy, meaty, and parasite-resistant.  The girls are purebred Kikos, and the buck is purebred Cashmere.


We are expecting a batch of puppies any time now.  Our Anatolian, Akbash, Pyr, and pups are guarding our sheep, goats, and chickens.

We start your puppies with the livestock they will encounter when they arrive at your farm.  We can start our pups with sheep, cattle, goats, or chickens. 



We are sold out of both ewe and ram lambs for the 2023 season.

We have 4 intact breeding rams for sale.